What does a marriage license cost?
The fee for most Oregon counties is $60, due at the time your licensed is issued at your local county clerks office. However, the fee, and forms of payment accepted, may vary by county, so please check in advance with your county clerk. 

How do we apply for a marriage license?
For some Oregon counties, please see below for more info

Multnomah County:

Washington County:

Clackamas County:

Yamhill County:

For Washington state

Clark County:

When should we get our wedding license?
Both Oregon & Washington require a 3 day waiting period. Oregon will sometimes waive the 3 day waiting period (especially for military families) if you obtain a waiver*, however in most counties in Washington, they will not. The license is then valid for 60 days. 

This means from the day you obtain your license to the date of your wedding, there must be 3 days, and the ceremony must be performed no more than 60 days after obtaining the license. 

*You may be able to obtain the waiver, but there is usually an additional fee. Waivers and fees vary by county, please contact your local county clerk for more information.

Do we need to obtain our license in the county where we plan on getting married?
No. In both Oregon and Washington, the wedding license is valid in all counties of that particular state. However, you must be married in the state in which the license was issued.

How do we get certified copies of our license?
There are 3 ways that you can order your certified copies:

  1. When you go in to the county clerks office to get your wedding license, you can pre-pay for your certifies copies. This is typically the easiest, and most convenient way to receive your certified copies of your wedding license. You can pay upfront with the county clerk along with the license fee. Once they receive the license back at their office, and process it, they will then make the certified copies the same day, and mail them to you. 
  2. When you receive your license, most counties will include a document for you to fill out, and mail back to them, along with a check. Once they receive the document and check, they will then process your certified copies, and mail those copies to you. Keep in mind, this option can take up to 2 weeks for you to receive back.
  3. Once your license has been processed with the state, you can simply go down to the county clerks office, and pay them in-person. They will then process your certified copies and give them to you.

How much does certified copies cost, and how many should I get?
Certified copy fees vary by county. You can expect to pay $3-$7 per copy (in some counties, if you're military, they will give you 6 free copies). Most couples don't need more than 3 or 4 certified copies. Keep in mind, Social Security Admin will need a certified copy, DMV will need a certified copy, and everyone else (banks, insurance companies, employers, utilities, etc.) usually take a fax or a copy of your certified copy.