Why are your fees so much lower than most experienced officiants?
I get this question often from couple's I meet with for consultations. Many officiants do weddings as their full time career. So they often have more expenses per month for advertising, marketing, etc. They then, unfortunately, have to pass those costs onto their clients. I, on the other hand, do this part-time, which allows me to gain the same experience, and knowledge, as these officiants, but don't have the same costs as they do. This, in turn, allows me to offer my services at a significantly lower price. This is why I always say "Beautiful ceremonies made affordable".

What does your consultation entail?
First, we can either meet face to face, or over the phone if you prefer. We'll sit down together and discuss every aspect of your wedding ceremony. During our visit, I will get to know your likes, and your desires, which will enable me to create the perfect, personalized ceremony.

Throughout our meeting, I will continually offer suggestions, and thoughts. I do this for one specific reason, throughout the years I have seen or done numerous different things in ceremonies, and my intent is to get your wheels turning. Nine times out of ten, most couples haven't even thought about these options for their wedding. My goal is to make sure 2 weeks after your wedding you're not looking back and wishing you would have done something different, or incorporated a certain element that you didn't think of beforehand. 

By the end of our consultation, you'll feel secure in knowing you have placed your ceremony in capable hands, and can check it off your list. It really allows couple's the freedom of not having to worry about another additional detail. 

Do you require a deposit?
No. I still believe in "your word is your bond". If you tell me you'd like to utilize me for my services, then you're booked. I understand how expensive weddings can be, and I certainly know that there can be unexpected expenses that arise. I don't want to be an additional financial burden for my couple's weeks or months before their wedding. I collect my payment in full after the conclusion of the ceremony. 

Do you help conduct the rehearsal?
For the majority of weddings I'm involved in, I do not. Most wedding venues and coordinators handle the rehearsals, and build it in as part of their pricing. However, I am happy do so, subject to my availability, for an additional $75 fee. 

What happens after the ceremony?
This is your BIG day. Everyone will want to greet you, give you hugs, look at the rings, and, of course, take pictures. So I like to work behind the scenes once we've concluded with the ceremony. I will get the legal paperwork, and make sure I, and your witnesses, have filled out everything. Once the paperwork is done, I'll take the documents with me and make sure they're mailed to the state. This allows my couples to enjoy their wedding reception and be unconcerned about the documents as they leave for their honeymoon.